Caruso's Vitamin B6 50 Tablets

Caruso's Vitamin B6 50 Tablets

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Caruso's Vitamin B6 is a one-a-day supplement formulated to relieve breast tenderness, mood swings and mild fluid retention associated with premenstrual tension and also promote red blood cell health.

Why use Caruso’s Vitamin B6?
Caruso’s B6 is a high potency easy-to-swallow tablet which has been formulated to help relieve some of the symptoms of premenstrual tension, promote healthy red blood cell production and support a healthy physiological response during times of stress.

Caruso’s Vitamin B6 health indications:

- Reduce mood swings, irritability and aggression associated with pre-menstrual tension.

- Relieve mild fluid retention in pre-menstrual women

- Relieve morning sickness

- Promote red blood cell health

Customers who would use Caruso’s Vitamin B6:

- Women who are experiencing symptoms of premenstrual tension including mood swings, mild fluid retention and breast tenderness

- Those individuals who wish to enhance their red blood cell health

- Pregnant women who wish to relieve morning sickness

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