Q: What's your fax number? I wish to send you a script

We no longer accept fax, unfortunately. Please email us your script at barcaldine.pharmacy@nunet.com.au.

Please also remember to post us the original script, as it is a legal requirement for us to receive the original within 7 days of supply.

Please post to:

Barcaldine Pharmacy
91 Oak Street
Barcaldine QLD 4725


Q: What are your contact details?

Our contact details are:

  • Phone: 07 4651 1121
  • E: barcaldine.pharmacy@nunet.com.au
  • SMS: 0474337679
  • Post:

    • Barcaldine Pharmacy
    • 91 Oak Street​
    • Barcaldine QLD 4725​


Q: I wish to have a script emailed, faxed, SMS'd or posted to you for supply. What do I need to do?

That's great! Send the script to us via your preferred method and include a message for what you'd like dispensed or supplied:

  1. We no longer accept fax, sorry.

  2. E: barcaldine.pharmacy@nunet.com.au

  3. SMS: 0474337679

  4. Post: Barcaldine Pharmacy

                 91 Oak Street​

                 Barcaldine QLD 4725​

Q: I am travelling through Barcaldine and have left my scripts at home/lost my scripts/last repeats. What do I do?!

Oh no! There's a few ways we can help you.

  1. Get in touch with your local doctor who can email and post new scripts to us. Please provide the practice with our email and postal details as above, or our staff in store can provide a business card with these details.

  2. See a local doctor here in Barcaldine for your scripts to be rewritten.

    • Their details are:​

    • Barcaldine Medical Centre

    • P: (07) 4651 1598

    • Address:

    • 36 Ash St, Barcaldine QLD 4725

  3. Depending on the medication and pharmacist discretion, the pharmacist can supply 3 days supply of your medications. Please note that you will have to pay a private price for this supply and will NOT be covered under medicare or your concession card.

If you email or SMS us your script we need the original script for our medicare claim. You MUST get the original to us via post or courier the same day you send your request.

Q: What are your operating hours?

Weekdays: 8:45am to 5:15pm

Saturdays: 8:45am to Noon

Closed Sunday and public holidays.

We also have reduced hours over the Christmas and New Year Period and close one to two Saturdays per year. We give a lot of notice to our customers, but to always stay up to date with our trading hours please like us on Facebook!

Q: When does my script expire?

Generally, all script items have a year until they expire. This date is just a year added to date the script was written.

The exception to this is controlled drug scripts that expire 6 months after the written date. We have found that the main type of controlled drug scripts that expire are scripts for ADHD medication.

If you have any issues with finding the date on your script please get in touch with one of our staff on 07 4651 1121 or bring the script in store so we can assist you.

We provide medical advisory consultations for primary care prevention and health concerns. There is no need for an appointment, patients can walk in and ask to see one of our experienced pharmacists.

Q: This courier service to Blackall and Tambo sounds great! Can you tell me more about this service please?

We agree!

We have a local business able to provide this fantastic service to the neighbouring towns of Blackall and Tambo.

The service is FREE to our customers and travels daily to Blackall, and to Tambo when there is a sufficient demand for the courier service.

We have an agreement with Christine and Robert Parnaby at Leading Edge Appliances Blackall and Tambo to act as the drop off spot for the courier service. If you have arranged for an item to be sent via courier it will be ready for collection at Leading Edge Appliances Blackall at around 1130am and Tambo around 1230pm.

The service is able to pick up your parcel from us if your order is received before 9am and taken down the same business day. If the order is received after this time then we will send it the next business day.

Q: I keep losing my scripts at home. Do you offer a script on file service?

We sure do!

You are more than welcome to keep your scripts on file with us. It makes your script ordering a lot easier as you can simply get in touch with us to place your order and we can have your order ready for collection or post on your request.

We will let you know when your scripts are getting low and when it's time to see the doctor for a review.

Our script on file service also saves your scripts from getting lost or damaged - you'll always know where they are!