Red Seal Natural Toothpaste SLS Free 110g

Red Seal Natural Toothpaste SLS Free 110g

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- Uses lauryl glucoside as an alternative to sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

- Mild, minty toothpaste with liquorice sweetness for the whole family.

- A natural and refreshing way to clean your teeth.

- Combines natural herbs and minerals to create an effective toothpaste.

- Especially popular with children because of its mild taste.Benefits:
- No added fluoride.
There is conflicting evidence on the benefits of fluoride.
Excess fluoride may cause chalky white patches on the teeth giving a mottled appearance.
Red Seal provides you with a range of non-fluoridated toothpastes to meet your specific needs.

- No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).
Some people find SLS can increase problems with mouth ulcers and gum sensitivity.

- No artificial sweeteners.

- Low foaming.

- Contains natural herb extracts and oils.

- Fights plaque and decay.

- Helps protect gums.

- Mild minty taste.

- Natural antibacterial action.

- Suitable for the whole family.

- Para

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