Nurofen Gel 5% Ibuprofen 100g

Nurofen Gel 5% Ibuprofen 100g

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There’s nothing more frustrating than muscular strains and pains that stop you in your tracks.Nurofen Gel contains ibuprofen
- well-known for its anti-inflammatory effect – and is absorbed into the skin to get to work where it’s needed.
Whether it’s lower back pain, a strained calf muscle or sports injury, with Nurofen Gel you can rub in pain relief directly where it hurts.Ingredients:Ibuprofen 5% w/w | Contains benzyl alcohol 1% w/w (preservative) | Contains AlcoholUsage Information
- When first opening the tube, break the seal, pressing it against the point hidden in the top of the cap.

- Adults and children over 12 years: Squeeze 4-10 cm of gel onto the affected area then replace the cap (this represents 50-125mg of ibuprofen).
Gently rub the area until the gel is absorbed
- then wash your hands.

- Do not reapply more gel within 4 hours.

- Keep the affected area away from strong sources of natural or artificial light.
Do not use with an air tight dressing.

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