Nicorette Nicotine QuickMist Fresh Mint Spray 150 Sprays

Nicorette Nicotine QuickMist Fresh Mint Spray 150 Sprays

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For fast relief of nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

- Nicotine is absorbed quickly into your body.

- Fastest craving relief available* *Compared to other NICORETTE products
- Makes you 2.5x more likely to quit* *Tonnesen P, et al.
Efficacy and safety of a novel nicotine mouth spray in smoking cessation: A randomised, placebo
- controlled, double blind, multicentre study with 52-week follow upComes in:Cool Berry, Fresh MintHow to Use: 1.
Push the black button down until you can push it lightly inwards.
While pushing the button in, slide upwards and continue until the top of the dispenser locks into place.
Before using for the first time, prime the pump by pressing the top firmly into a tissue until a fine mist appears.
If you dont use the spray for a couple of days, you may need to repeat this step.
Press the top of the dispenser firmly to release one spray into your mouth either under your tongue or on the inside of your cheek,

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