Manicare Nail Scissors Curved

Manicare Nail Scissors Curved

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Deluxe satin quality stainless steel scissors ideal for gently cutting nails accurately & easily.Finest quality stainless steel nail scissors with precision ground curve blades.
Ideal for gently cutting nails accurately & easily.
With a deluxe satin finish, these professional scissors are durable, functional & long-lasting.Directions:
- Soften nails by soaking in warm water.

- Trim the nail in a square or oval shape.USAGE ADVICE:
- Overgrown cuticles should be trimmed to prevent further tearing of cuticle & avoid the development of painful hangnails.

- May be used on toenail cuticles.

- Apply Manicare Cuticle Oil after use to replenish moisture to the nail bed & cuticles.Warnings:Sharp implement.
Keep away from children.

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