Fleurstat BV Gel 45g (S3)

Fleurstat BV Gel 45g (S3)

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Fleurstat is a Pharmacist Only Medicine and is only available after a consultation.
It is a gel that is registered with the TGA for the management of bacterial viginosis.
It is only indicated for female of all ages after the onset of puberty for treatment of bacterial vaginosis and relief from symptoms.
Do not use this product under the following circumstances:
If you have a history of of sensitivity to astrodrimer sodium, hydroxybensoates or any other ingredient of the formulation.
Not be be used for more than 7 days.
If symptoms reoccur after 2 weeks of completing the course, consult a doctor.
This should not be used by girls before the onset of puberty.
General information
Fleurstat BV gel works to treat BV by disrupting the attachment of B, causing bacteria to the vaginal lining.
Fleurstatâ„¢ BV gel - for the treatment of BV and relief of symptoms, including abnormal vaginal odour and discharge, helping to normalise vaginal pH, and restore the normal vaginal flora balance.
For treatment and relief of bacterial vaginosis and its symptoms including vaginal odour and discharge.

See your healthcare provider if:
You consider that you may be at risk of an STI
Your symptoms persist or recur, or your condition worsens, as these symptoms may be indicative another infection, including an STI
You are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or diabetic, or you are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed; you should seek advice of your healthcare provider before using Fleurstatâ„¢ BVgel.

BV is associated with a characteristic 'fishy' vaginal odour and an abnormal greyish-white, thin vaginal discharge. Other common vaginal infections may be associated with intense itching or painful urination, and clumpy or frothy discharge. If you are unsure you have BV, or suspect you have a vaginal infection other than BV, please see your healthcare provider.

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